Thursday, April 2, 2009

Local Spring Break Ideas

Many of us have had to put all those vacations to the exotic places on hold for Spring Break but that doesn't mean you can't get creative in your own backyard. Loudoun County is now DC's Wine Country. We have 23 wineries and more are popping up all the time. Each winery has its own personal touch so that each one you go to is a brand new world. Several are located near to one another making it convenient to experience all of these "worlds" in one day.

Also, in order to be a responsible wine taster, there are a ton of B&B's in the area which are very popular with the locals and a lot of them specialize in winery tours or know who to put you in contact with. With Loudoun having some of the most beautiful landscape in Northern Virginia, you can't go wrong with the hospitality, views & relaxing atmospheres.

You also can't miss all the must see (or taste) "non-chain" restaurants that Loudoun has. If you want to eat at the start of your tour or the end of your tour then Leesburg is the place to be. Market Station, which is a wooden 2 story "strip mall" in downtown Leesburg is a great place to find a unique place to eat. Also in downtown Leesburg if you walk up and down either Loudoun St or King St you are bound to see a quaint place that will offer what you want. Purcellville is a good town to visit if you want to eat in the middle of your winery visits. Places like Magnolia's at the Mill, the Grill, and tons of other "mom & pop" places are there as well. Another unique place is a restaurant out past Hillsboro called Grandale Farm Restaurant. This place is out in the "middle of nowhere" as it has been described but once you go there the trip is worth it.

Loudoun Wineries are a fun place to visit but just remember a few things before you head out: have a designated driver, if coming with a group of 6 or more you will want to call ahead or make an appointment to make your visit more enjoyable, check the hours of the winery as they all aren't the same and some may be closed on Easter Sunday.

Happy Spring Break & Easter!
Corcoran Vineyards

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