Thursday, September 10, 2009

As another harvest is upon us...I say let the tasting begin.

It seems the fall is the busiest time of year to visit wineries. Everyone is out and about enjoying the autumn colors, the cool breeze, and tasting new wines.

I always like to think of Corcoran as a place to get more of an educational experience because you can taste and learn about the wines. We offer wine and herb pairings with either myself or Sommelier, Mary Watson in our aroma garden where we show how the power of herbs can influence your palate. Our Chief Tasting Officer is Kim and she is studying to become a Sommelier, so she too is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wine.

A couple things to remember when going wine tasting this fall...

1. Eat breakfast, pack snacks/lunch and drink lots of water.

2. Swirl the wine in your glass...this will open up the wine and enhance the aromas.

3. Sniff the does it smell? Fruity? Floral? Spicy?

4. Sip...always try and make your wine sample into three sips so you can get the full flavors on your palate...remember that the first sip is usually a palate shocker so always try a second sip.

5. Savour...enjoy all those flavors of that wine on your palate from the front, to the middle and the finish.

Come out to Corcoran this fall to enjoy a day with friends and family as we hope to make your tasting experience a little better, one glass at a time.


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