Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland...again!

Although we are having what seems to be record breaking snow storms at all the wrong times, weekends, we are enjoying the time off with our family.

I have also had the privilege of enjoying several wine dinners out where our wine has been poured...first the James Beard Foundation in New York...then at the Restaurant at Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville, which was a benefit for the Loudoun Interfaith. At this particular event...I had the pleasure to taste for the very first time, beef sweetbreads. What would you think "sweetbreads" would mean if you saw it on the was nothing as I expected. Since I had no idea what it was, I took a bite and it was alright, not to the texture that I would really like...but then I found out it was actually the brains of the cow...OMG. I tried it but honestly could not eat anymore of it once I found out what it was...must be a phobia thing...please let me know if you have had these "sweetbreads" and what did you think??

Well...back to the winter we are enjoying...actually we have been planning and planning quite a bit on how we can help our customers better understand and enjoy wine. We have put together 7 different workshops for all to enjoy from a Barrel Tasting without the Barrels to A Blending Session with Me. Check out our website or join us on MeetUp for all the latest information!


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