Friday, February 5, 2010

Malbec Vertical...

Corcoran is going to be celebrating Valentines by offering a Malbec vertical with some delicious chocolates. We have truffles and special dark chocolates to be paired especially with our Malbec. Malbec is a Bordeaux varietal that got is popularity in Argentina, but has been in the states for some time but used mainly as a blending grape. I have one specific grower who has planted Malbec here in Loudoun County, Wild Meadow Vineyard, and I have had the privilege of making the wine from it every year. Our Malbec has less tannins, more of a medium body with a beautiful plum color. It has flavors of dark cherry jam, mocha, coffee and a bit of spice which makes it pair so lovely with chocolate. So...reserve your spot at the bar with Lori to taste our Malbec this Valentine's weekend...YUM!!


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Ikal 1150 Wines of Argentina said...

interesting pairing for Valentines day, thanks!