Sunday, October 19, 2008

My "Fieldtrip" to Local Vineyards

The past few weeks I have fortunately been able to experience what it is like on the other side of the bar. A few years ago I had frequented the local wineries A LOT (but I won't say how much, that can stay my secret) Because of work, kids, life, etc. I had let my hobby go by the wayside...but not anymore. I was able to go to some wineries in Loudoun, Fauquier & even Prince William. What a eye opening experience to be able to see what other wineries are doing. Virginia is really upping its game for experience, variety, knowledge & scenery. I was very pleased with the service I got at most places but I will say that some could rethink their customer service. I was disappointed in one "unnamed" place as I had set my itinerary of daily wineries around this one in particular which I felt did not deliver. All in all, though, who can complain all that much when going to wineries. The nice thing about Virginia wineries is that you get a laid back yet informed ambiance. I feel very lucky to have all of this low key culture around me to satisfy my hobby.