Friday, April 23, 2010

Wine Terminology Again...

Here is a blog from the past which is appropriate as we begin the busy wine tasting season. I thought it would be fun to go over some of the Wine Terminology that you will be hearing in the tasting rooms or at any of the upcoming wine festivals. Some will be told that the wine is Buttery, Chewy, Firm, or even Velvety, but what does that really mean? Here are a few definitions I think are very helpful…
The presences of natural fruit acids that lend a tart, crisp taste to the wine.
AROMA: Smells in wine that originates from the grape.
BOUQUET: Smells from winemaking, aging and bottle age.
BUTTERY: Rich, creamy flavor associated with barrel fermentation.
CHEWY: Wine that has a very deep, textured and mouth-filling sensation.
CORKED: Wine that has been tainted with moldy smells or other obvious flaws from a bad cork. DRY: No sugar or sweetness remaining and a fruity wine can be dry.
EARTHY: Flavors and aromas of mushroom, soil and mineral.
FIRM: Texture and structure of a young, tannic red.
LEGS: Teardrop impressions of alcohol weightiness that are visible on the inside edges of a wine glass.
MALOLACTIC: Conversion of hard, malic acid, which is green apple flavors, in wine to soft, lactic acid, like rich butter flavors.
TANNIN: A drying, astringent sensation on the palate that is generally associated with heavier red wines.
TERROIR: French word reflecting the expression of soil, topography and climate in a wine.
VELVETY: Smooth-textured with deep, rich aromas and flavors.
VINTAGE: Year that grapes were harvested and fermented to make a wine.
Also...we have been doing quite a bit with oak alternatives and here is a quick list of some of the oak attributes to wine:
Vanillin, Caramel, Maple, Creme Brulee, Cinnamon & Chocolate just to name a few. Understanding that these flavors are derived from the barrels with certain toast levels, not the grapes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day!!

Earth Day is officially April 22nd but what can we do everyday?
Here in the winery we have implemented several new practices to help conserve water. We are not using wine barrels as our storage vessels any longer which was 90% of our water usage. Just takes 10 gallons of water to make 1 bottle of wine. We have taken 2 of those old barrels to catch the rain water off our winery roof to use as the water in our herb garden. Of course we recycle all our wine bottles used in the tasting room as well as recycling around the house.
Looking to enjoy a local dinner on Earth Day...American Flatbread in Ashburn is offering an Earth Day dinner on April 22nd and it will pair very nicely with our Meritage...great way to eat fresh & local.

Everyone can do something to help and every little bit helps!
Happy Earth Day!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have you been to Hunters Run Wine Barn yet?

As many of you know, we opened up another tasting room, right on Route 9. Geri Nolan, owner of the Wine Barn, has created an excellent atmosphere to pair our wine and music and great people. Geri and her sister, Anne work behind the bar every weekend, but this weekend, April 17th, I will have the pleasure of serving up some of our Corcoran wines. I think to make it a special occasion, I will pour a couple new things. Hmmm...what to pour is the question. So to find out, you will have to come visit Hunters Run Wine Barn at 40325 Charlestown Pike (Route 9) in Hamilton, VA...see you there!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorite Weekend Pairing

Now that the wonderful Easter holiday is behind me...I am contemplating which was my favorite wine and food pairing??
I must say the sparkling wine (CAVA from Spain and Sofia from California) were spectacular with our brunch. Since we had such a mix bag of food, the sparkling paired perfectly!
But then came all those dessert treats that the bunny left in our baskets...chocolate of course...and what pairs best with dark chocolate?? I would have to say our Malbec and it was yummy!!
What was your favorite food & wine pairing last weekend??