Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time for Herbs & Wine :~)

I finally found the last of the herbs I was looking for, Stevia! It is the sugar substitute plant that is sweet and the perfect partner to Chocolate Mint. I have planted and re-planted dozens of herbs in order to offer just the right pairing with wine.
Most people think that red meat should pair with red wine and white meat with white wine, but in fact it is the herb/spice in the sauce that makes the pairing most critical.
As the warm days are upon us and we start grillin' out more, preparing summer salads and rethink the wine we are drinkin'. We'll move away from the heavy reds and lean towards the light, crisp chilled whites so what do we pair with these new wines??
I recently snipped some of my Pineapple Mint and paired it with our new Traminette...very nice! Then I got some Hot & Spicy Oregano...what wine should I pair with this?? What about Basil, Tarragon, Day Lilies?? Only time will tell and hopefully you can come out on a Sunday to Corcoran Vineyards and experience how we change your palate, one herb & one wine at a time.