Thursday, January 29, 2015

Call me crazy ??

I just stopped over to a friends house and he was happily enjoying some of our new Popo Peach Hard Cider ... but with a twist!!  He had added some orange juice, and to my surprise it was quite delicious :)
I always recommend our Apple Wine as a brunch/breakfast drink, but now I also love our Hard Ciders as a great kick-start to your day (when not going to work of course).
Tell me what way you enjoy our ciders ...

Friday, January 16, 2015

More Hard Cider at Corcoran

Popo Peach, KnotHead, & Original

We have just released our third Hard Cider, Popo Peach.  It has an essence of peach on the front end, but finishes crisp!  Then we have our KnotHead which was "kissed" in a Bourbon Barrel for just a few weeks to give it a fuller body and a little sweetness in this one.  Lastly, our first Hard Cider, released over the summer is our Original, with all the racing bubbles it reminds me of a sparkling wine, yum!!

Come in for a taste ... and stay for a glass or a bottle with friends!