Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dessert Pairing with Beer!

Going over to the beer side of things...Kevin, our brew master was sampling some of our beers and created this blend of two beers, similar to a black & tan, just for fun. The dark beer on top is our Slainte Stout, which is the beer I like to pair with dessert.
Slainte Stout is less heavy than a typical Stout but has a smooth chocolate finish. With a hint of coffee on the nose and a chocolate taste, this ale pairs perfectly with any of those dark chocolate treats. Truffles, torts, brownies or cupcakes would all taste great with this beer!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Pairing Desserts :)

YUM...is all I can say about pairing desserts with wine!
One of our newest wines, Cello, is a Petit Manseng wine that I fortified and infused with fresh lemon zest. I like to serve this wine icy-icy cold with pound cake a-la-mode or vanilla cupcakes.
Shown here in my herb garden, I pair with the pineapple mint which will take the sweetness down a notch and make it more of a dinner wine. Try with lemon chicken or a mango salsa.
A personal
favorite as dessert in a glass...Cheers!