Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a Novel Idea....

Fall time in Loudoun County is extremely picturesque. The leaves have turned beautiful shades of amber, gold, and sun burnt orange and you can hear the cool breeze rustling through the rainbow colored leaves......As you can see I have been inspired not only by the weather but also reading.

A great way to spend one of your weekend days is to head out to a new winery or one of your favorites but don't forget to bring a book. This last Sunday I spent the afternoon out on a patio of one of our local wineries, did a tasting, and then chose a bottle to pair nicely with my novel.

It was extremely relaxing and a great way for me to get engrossed into my book without being interrupted by phone calls, kids crying, making a snack, etc. All those things that really stop us from turning our thoughts into creative images of what our book is reading to us.

We all deal with stresses in our lives and fortunately we have a little piece of color, peace & libations just in our backyards.

Eat Well & Drink Well!

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