Monday, March 25, 2013

Wine Closures

Without getting all technical and stuff, I wanted to just touch on my thoughts of one of the types of wine closures.  There are four common types of closures:  Cork, Synthetic Cork, Screw Cap, & Box.  All of which do the job of storing the wine but some better than others.  When we think of the boxed wine, we immediately think cheap.  Well, we must think again.  Although we are getting the romance of popping a cork on a bottle of wine, sometimes we might want to think economically/efficiency.  A box wine, no light gets into it because it is in a box, no air gets in because the bag just releases wine from the nozzle and no oxygen can get in and usually we can store them for a few weeks while open and it doesn't spoil.  So all in all, not a bad idea.  Corcoran does not do boxed wine, but I get asked all the time what my thoughts are ... so there is my two cents :-) Cheers!

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