Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sparkling New Year

This week we are thinking of ringing in the New Year, celebrating with friends and family and making those dreaded New Years resolutions. What can we change about ourselves?? What is a realistic goal that we can actually accomplish without being miserable doing so?? Well for most it is getting healthier by exercising and watching what we eat and for others it might just be getting organized. For me it would be both, but really I would like to help others enjoy wine. I believe that tasting wine and incorporating another flavor profile like an herb or spice or specific food, really makes the difference by turning that good wine into a great wine.
So as we move towards 2010, I would love if everyone would attempt to try at least one sparkling wine or a wine that you might not ever think of trying. People often think of sparkling wine as something that should be for a special occasion. And I ask, "Why?" Sparkling wines or Champagnes really go with almost everything. We were having ham the other night on Christmas Eve and I couldn't decide what wine to have so I pulled out the Rotari Sparkling Rose from Italy and it was excellent. Paired quite nicely with all the fixin's too. Want to dress up that burger and fries...why not have a Cava from Spain?? And one of the easiest, most enjoyable pairings we can all do this New Years is try potato chips with any type of bubbles!
2010 will be an exciting year here at Corcoran, we will be offering several wine education classes and the first one will be starting in January. We hope to have one or two different classes every month from wine tasting 101 to oak alternatives to sparkling wines.
We wish you and your family a very happy New Year!

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