Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Pairings...

Spring is finally here and an Easter brunch or dinner is right on our heels. What to pair with all those delicious foods we are planning on serving.

Remember...when in doubt...serve sparkling!!

Lets start with brunch...I personally like a white wine best with my breakfast foods but think a light red with low tannins will pair well when serving mainly meats & eggs. Usually we enjoy a sparkling wine with a little orange juice (just to be on the healthy side) and that to me is my favorite Easter treat.

Ham, one of the hardest meats to pair because of the smokey and sweet, honey glazed flavors. A sparkling Rose' is a good match as well as a fruity Pinot Noir or maybe a lightly sweet Riesling. The key is to not over power the meat with a heavy, more tannic red wine. Also served during spring is lamb, loaded with rich flavors, I believe lamb pairs exceptionally well with Malbec or Cabernet...yum!


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